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The smoothly interlaced lines of this article flow easier then the experience of raising three children, but you deserve this one!
Solid Sterling Silver with a red velvet lining, and three red Swarovski crystals on the cover. Our new Tooth Treasure Box is designed to provide safe and secure storage of you're child's baby teeth until your ready to create a family heirloom!
A Star of David with its bezel uniquely positioned in the hexagonal interior.
Our exclusive design for a small beanbag Tooth Fairy Size pillow. It's the perfect size for holding a baby tooth and a prize from the Tooth Fairy! The little pouch has a snap to secure the baby tooth until the Tooth Fairy arrives. When not being used as a bright colored pillow for the Tooth Fairy to find, it fun to throw and catch! Beautifully embroidered in gold-colored thread for durability. Also available in blue. (Pat. Pend.)
Our newest Treasure Box is a Pirate's Dream! Solid Silver encrusted with ruby colored Swarovski rhinestones with an internal royal red felt lining. An elegant storage chest for safely storing your child's precious and irreplicable life-gemstones.
An elegant and free flowing design. The only product in which your child's baby tooth will be carefully preserved and cut to a circular form, creating a pearl-like presentation. The form of this design requires significantly more hand processing time, but it is unmatched in its beauty.
A lost Angel wing, lovingly embracing your child's lost baby tooth, elegantly shaped and set in the wing.