Condition of Use

I agree not to send any baby teeth with metal fillings.

I agree to send ALL available baby teeth, and understand that all unused teeth will be returned to me.

I understand that the final quality of the jewelry article will vary with the size and quality of the baby tooth that I provide to Tooth Fairy Designs.

I understand and agree that very small baby teeth (incisors) will not process as well as larger baby teeth (canines/cuspids).

I understand that Tooth Fairy Designs will need to build a surface around the perimeter of any very small baby teeth I provide in order to process them, and that this surface will form a portion of the final product.

I understand and agree that the processed tooth stone will maintain its natural surface curvature in order to preserve its enamel surface and luster.

I understand that some baby teeth break during processing, and I consent to having Tooth Fairy Designs reassemble any tooth that breaks.

I understand that if the baby tooth I send is determined to be too small to process, it will be returned to me and my money will be refunded.

In understand that there is some risk that my baby tooth will be destroyed during processing, in which case, if there is no substitute to process, the Tooth Fairy's liability is limited to a full refund plus $25.