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TOOTH FAIRY DESIGNS uses a patented process to create a subtle, pearl-like gemstone from your child's baby tooth.  By this technique, you can preserve, forever, the smile of the small child you loved so much. Our jewelry articles let you see, touch, and reflect upon these beautiful tokens of your child’s youth. Your jewelry article will provide a unique family heirloom that can be passed on for generations.



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THE OCCASIONS for wearing your jewelry article are unlimited, but we have some suggestions:
1. Your Child’s Birthday
2. Your Child’s Graduation Days
3. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
4. Your Child’s Wedding Day
5. Days of Your Religious Worship
6. When Your Child is Not Feeling Well
7. Any Day Your Child is Really Frustrating You


The term deciduous means "to fall off."  Although deciduous teeth are in time replaced by permanent teeth, they are very important to the proper alignment, spacing and occlusion of the permanent teeth.  The deciduous incisor teeth are functional in the mouth for approximately five years, while the deciduous molars are functional for approximately nine years.


The progressive loss of deciduous teeth are recognized worldwide as an important milestone in childhood development.  The event is marked by celebrations, traditions and superstitions around the world.  In the United States, tradition is based on tales of the Tooth Fairy.  In Australia, mothers are once believed to have crushed their children's baby teeth and eaten the powder.

In some parts of the world, a child's baby tooth was placed in nests where rats or snakes were known to live because people believed evil witches disliked those animals and wouldn't go near them.  In many parts of the world, parents placed their children's teeth in mouse nests.  They thought that would result in a new tooth growing in the lost tooth's place, just as a mouse's lost teeth somehow re-grew. 

In other parts of the world, mothers hid their children's teeth from animals because they believed if an animal found the tooth, a tooth like that animal's teeth would grow in the mouth of the child.  In parts of England, mothers at one time burned their children's baby teeth so that evil witches couldn't get their hands on them and gain control of the children.

In the United States and elsewhere, it is common for parents to save the baby teeth of their children as a keepsake of their childhood.  Now, for the first time, you can create a beautiful jewelry article and family heirloom that preserves, forever, your small child's sweet smile.